Song List
Psycho Capone Theme

It's a Fad!

Lady from Japan

What's Going on
(Inside my Head)?

Sounds of Music

Under the Knife

Call You
On the Telephone
My Guitar

Safe and Secure

Boys on the Corner

We Gotta Get
Out of This Place

Psycho Capones
Theme Reprise

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About the Psycho Capones

A Chicago band from the early 1980's, Psycho Capones played a sort of Velvet Underground meets Al Capone type of rock and at their shows the band dressed as gangsters.The material was written primarily by Scott Benson, with a few songs from Don Hedeker. A couple of Velvet Underground covers (Femme Fatale and Guts) were also played at shows.

Perhaps remembered most about the band was the hearse that they used to move their equipment. Bassist Frank Riccardi spray painted it purple and displayed the band's machine-gun logo in its window.

The original line-up was:
Scott Benson - vocals & guitar

Don Hedeker
- guitar & vocals;
Frank Riccardi
- bass; John - drums. Later, Michael Dunne replaced John on drums and Jim "Striss" Strissel replaced Don on guitar.

The band with the new line up played many clubs in the Chicago including The Cubby Bear Lounge, COD's, Misfits, Tuts and The Space Place. The Psycho Capones also played numerous street fairs and festivals.

For several months the Psycho Capones maintained a band house where Frank with Julie and their daughter, Michael with Lorri, and Scott lived. Features of the large house on Halsted Avenue included a rehearsal studio, apartments for everyone and a foyer complete with a big white stuffed alligator. The house was the scene of many great parties, including times when the entire audience of a gig was invited back after the show. Unfortunately while recording their first album the band broke up. Some songs were recorded at Soto Sound Studios, but nothing was ever released.